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noun, plural riflemen.
a soldier armed with a rifle.
a person skilled in the use of a rifle.
noun (pl) -men
a person skilled in the use of a rifle, esp a soldier
Also called titipounamu. a wren, Acanthisitta chloris, of New Zealand: family Xenicidae See also bush wren


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  • Rifle-pit

    noun 1. a pit or short trench affording shelter to riflemen in firing at an enemy.

  • Rifler

    verb (used with object), rifled, rifling. 1. to ransack and rob (a place, receptacle, etc.). 2. to search and rob (a person). 3. to plunder or strip bare. 4. to steal or take away. noun 1. a firearm having a long barrel with a spirally grooved interior, which imparts to the bullet spinning motion and […]

  • Rifle-range

    noun 1. a firing range for practice with rifles. 2. the range of, or distance coverable by, a bullet fired from a rifle: The enemy was within rifle range. noun 1. an area used for target practice with rifles

  • Riflery

    noun 1. the art, practice, or sport of shooting at targets with rifles. noun (US) 1. rifle shots 2. the practice or skill of rifle marksmanship

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