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a part of Paris, France, on the N bank of the Seine.


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    character “}”. ASCII character 125. Common names: close brace; right brace; right squiggly; right squiggly bracket/brace; right curly bracket/brace; ITU-T: closing brace. Rare: unbrace; uncurly; rytit (“” = leftit); right squirrelly; {INTERCAL: bracelet (“Paired with {left brace”>” = embrace). Paired with {left brace (1995-03-30)

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    right brachiocephalic vein n. A vein that receives the right vertebral and internal thoracic veins, and the right lymphatic duct.

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    character “]”. ASCII character 93. Common names: right square bracket; ITU-T: closing bracket; unbracket. Rare: unsquare; INTERCAL: U turn back. Paired with left bracket. (1997-11-23)

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    noun 1. the cerebral hemisphere on the right side of the corpus callosum, controlling activity on the left side of the body, showing in humans some degree of specialization for spatial and nonverbal concepts. right-brained or right-brain [rahyt-breynd] /ˈraɪtˌbreɪnd/ adjective 1. having the right brain dominant, therefore being more adept at spatial and nonverbal concepts […]

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