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Right parenthesis

“)”. ASCII character 41.
Common names: right paren; right parenthesis; right; close; thesis (“(” = paren); close paren; close parenthesis; right parenthesis; right banana. Rare: already (“(” = so); rparen; ITU-T: closing parenthesis; close round bracket, right round bracket, INTERCAL: wane (“(” = wax); unparenthisey (“(” = parenthisey); right ear.
Paired with left parenthesis.


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  • Right-reverend

    noun 1. an official form of address for abbots, abbesses, Anglican bishops, and other prelates. Right Reverend adjective 1. (in Britain) a title of respect for an Anglican or Roman Catholic bishop

  • Right-section

    noun 1. a representation of an object as it would appear if cut by a plane perpendicular to its longest axis.

  • Right side of the tracks

    The desirable part of town, as in They were relieved to learn that his fiancée came from the right side of the tracks. This expression alludes to the fact that when a railroad ran through a town, it often divided the prosperous neighborhoods from the poor ones. The latter district was called the wrong side […]

  • Right-side out

    [rahyt-sahyd] /ˈraɪtˌsaɪd/ adverb, adjective 1. with the correct side facing outward: turn the socks right-side out. right-side out Turned correctly, with the outer side on the outside, as opposed to inside out , def. 1. For example, I turned the sweater right-side out before putting it on .

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