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[rahyt-thing-king] /ˈraɪtˈθɪŋ kɪŋ/
having acceptably proper or correct convictions, beliefs, etc.
possessing reasonable and generally acceptable opinions


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  • Right thoracic duct

    right thoracic duct n. See right lymphatic duct.

  • Right-to-choose

    noun 1. the right of a woman to have a legal abortion if she chooses to do so.

  • Right-to-die

    [rahyt-tuh-dahy] /ˈraɪt təˈdaɪ/ adjective 1. asserting or advocating the right to refuse extraordinary medical measures to prolong one’s life when one is terminally ill or irreversibly comatose: right-to-die laws. right-to-die adj. Advocating or expressing, as in a living will, a person’s right to refuse extraordinary life-sustaining measures intended to prolong life artificially when the person […]

  • Right-to-know

    [rahyt-tuh-noh] /ˈraɪt təˈnoʊ/ adjective 1. of or relating to laws or policies that make certain government or company data and records available to any individual who has a right or need to know their contents.

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