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correctness or accuracy.
propriety or fitness.
moral integrity.
Obsolete. straightness or directness.
the state or quality of being right


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  • Righto

    interjection, Chiefly British. 1. (used to express understanding or assent). sentence substitute 1. (Brit, informal) an expression of agreement or compliance

  • Right-of-asylum

    noun 1. the right of alien fugitives to protection or nonextradition in a country or its embassy. 2. the right of a nation to extend such protection.

  • Right-of-center

    [rahyt-uh v-sen-ter] /ˈraɪt əvˈsɛn tər/ adjective 1. holding conservative views in politics; right-wing.

  • Right-of-search

    noun, International Law. 1. the privilege of a nation at war to search neutral ships on the high seas for contraband or other matter, carried in violation of neutrality, that may subject the ship to seizure. right of search noun 1. the right of a belligerent to stop and search neutral merchant ships on the […]

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