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noun, Mathematics.
any transformation, as a translation or rotation, of a set such that the distance between points is preserved.


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  • Rigidness

    adjective 1. stiff or unyielding; not pliant or flexible; hard: a rigid strip of metal. 2. firmly fixed or set. 3. inflexible, strict, or severe: a rigid disciplinarian; rigid rules of social behavior. 4. exacting; thorough; rigorous: a rigid examination. 5. so as to meet precise standards; stringent: lenses ground to rigid specifications. 6. Mechanics. […]

  • Rigil kent

    noun 1. (astronomy) the star Alpha Centauri Often shortened to Rigil

  • Rigil-kentaurus

    [rahy-juh l ken-tawr-uh s, -guh l] /ˈraɪ dʒəl kɛnˈtɔr əs, -gəl/ noun 1. Astronomy. Alpha Centauri.

  • Rigmarole

    noun 1. an elaborate or complicated procedure: to go through the rigmarole of a formal dinner. 2. confused, incoherent, foolish, or meaningless talk. noun 1. any long complicated procedure 2. a set of incoherent or pointless statements; garbled nonsense

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