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a female given name.

rima ri·ma (rī’mə)
n. pl. ri·mae (-mē)
A slit, fissure, or narrow elongated opening between two symmetrical parts.


Read Also:

  • Rima glottidis

    rima glottidis rima glot·ti·dis (glŏt’ĭ-dĭs) n. The narrow opening between the vocal cords.

  • Rima oris

    rima oris rima o·ris (ôr’ĭs) n. The opening of the mouth.

  • Rima pudendi

    rima pudendi rima pu·den·di (pyōō-děn’dī) n. The cleft between the labia majora.

  • Rima vestibuli

    rima vestibuli rima ves·tib·u·li (vě-stĭb’yə-lī’) n. The opening between the vestibular folds.

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