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to assign (money, a grant, fund, etc) to one particular purpose, so as to restrict its use: to ring-fence a financial allowance
to oblige (a person or organization) to use money for a particular purpose: to ring-fence a local authority
an agreement, contract, etc, in which the use of money is restricted to a particular purpose


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  • Ring-finger

    noun 1. the finger next to the little finger, especially of the left hand, on which an engagement ring or wedding band is traditionally worn. noun 1. the third finger, esp of the left hand, on which a wedding ring is traditionally worn ring finger n. The third finger of the left hand.

  • Ring flash

    noun 1. (photog) a type of electronic flash in which the light source is arranged in a ring around the lens in order to produce a light without shadows

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    noun 1. ring-spinning frame. ring-spinning frame [ring-spin-ing] /ˈrɪŋˌspɪn ɪŋ/ noun 1. a machine containing the ring, traveler, and bobbin used in spinning yarn.

  • Ring-gage

    noun 1. a gage for checking the diameters of circular manufactured objects, consisting of a ring having a hole that is of either the maximum or minimum allowable diameter.

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