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Ring true

see under ring false


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  • Ringwomb

    noun 1. (vet science) a complication at lambing resulting from failure of the cervix to open

  • Ringwood

    noun 1. a town in N New Jersey.

  • Ringworm

    noun, Pathology. 1. any of a number of contagious skin diseases caused by certain parasitic fungi and characterized by the formation of ring-shaped eruptive patches. noun 1. any of various fungal infections of the skin (esp the scalp) or nails, often appearing as itching circular patches Also called tinea ringworm ring·worm (rĭng’wûrm’) n. Any of […]

  • Rink

    noun 1. a smooth expanse of ice for ice-skating, often artificially prepared and inside a building or arena. 2. a smooth floor, usually of wood, for roller-skating. 3. a building or enclosure for ice-skating or roller-skating; skating arena. 4. an area of ice marked off for the game of curling. 5. a section of a […]

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