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the area immediately surrounding a ring, especially the area occupied by the first row of seats on all sides of a boxing or wrestling ring.
any place providing a close view.
in or pertaining to the area immediately surrounding a ring or arena.
close to the point of action; having a close view.
the area immediately surrounding an arena, esp the row of seats nearest a boxing or wrestling ring

any place affording a close uninterrupted view
(as modifier): a ringside seat


Read Also:

  • Ringsider

    noun 1. a spectator at or near ringside, as of a boxing match or a nightclub performance.

  • Ringside seat

    A place providing a close view of something, as in We lived right next door, so we had ringside seats for their quarrels. This term presumably came from boxing, where it denotes the seats just outside the boxing ring. [ c. 1860 ]

  • Ring-snake

    noun 1. grass snake (def 1). 2. ringneck snake.

  • Ring-spinning

    noun 1. a process of spinning in which the yarn is twisted and drawn while passing through a small metal device traveling rapidly around a ring in the operation of winding the yarn onto a bobbin.

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