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a city in central Ecuador in the Andes, near the Chimborazo volcano.


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  • Rio-claro

    noun 1. a city in São Paulo state, in SE Brazil.

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    [ree-oh dey zhuh-nair-oh, -neer-oh, juh-, dee, duh; Portuguese ree-oo di zhi-ney-roo] /ˈri oʊ deɪ ʒəˈnɛər oʊ, -ˈnɪər oʊ, dʒə-, di, də; Portuguese ˈri ʊ dɪ ʒɪˈneɪ rʊ/ noun 1. a seaport in SE Brazil: former capital. noun 1. a state in SE Brazil. 452 sq. mi. (1170 sq. km). Capital: Rio de Janeiro. noun 1. […]

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