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of, relating to, or situated or dwelling on the bank of a river or other body of water:
riparian villas.
Law. a person who owns land on the bank of a natural watercourse or body of water.
of, inhabiting, or situated on the bank of a river
denoting or relating to the legal rights of the owner of land on a river bank, such as fishing or irrigation
(property law) a person who owns land on a river bank

pertaining to the banks of a river or stream
Word Origin

Latin ripa ‘bank, shore’
Relating to or inhabiting the banks of a natural course of water. Riparian zones are ecologically diverse and contribute to the health of other aquatic ecosystems by filtering out pollutants and preventing erosion. Salmon in the Pacific Northwest feed off riparian insects; trees such as the black walnut, the American sycamore, and the cottonwood thrive in riparian environments.


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