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  • Risa

    RISA radioiodinated serum albumin

  • RISC

    noun 1. reduced instruction set computer: a computer whose central processing unit recognizes a relatively small number of instructions, which it can execute very rapidly. noun acronym 1. reduced instruction set computer: a computer in which the set of instructions which it can perform has been reduced to the minimum, resulting in very fast data […]

  • Riscix

    operating system /risk-icks/ (Or “RISC iX”) BSD-based Unix developed by Acorn Computers Ltd. (Cambridge, UK) to run on 32-bit ARM RISC processors. RISCiX was launched circa 1989 for three production machines – the R140, R260, the discless R225; and other prototypes. (2003-09-24)

  • Risc os

    operating system (Reduced Instruction Set Computer Operating System) The operating system originally developed by Acorn Computers for their Archimedes family of personal computers. RISC OS replaced the Arthur operating system used on the first Archimedeses. It is written in ARM assembly code and distributed on ROM so it takes up no disk space and takes […]

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