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noun, Phonetics.
a diphthong in which the first of two apparent vocalic elements is of lesser stress or sonority than the second, as the (wä) in guava
[gwah-vuh] /ˈgwɑ və/ (Show IPA).


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  • Rising-hinge

    noun 1. a gravity hinge causing a door, shutter, etc., to rise slightly when opened.

  • Rising-rhythm

    noun, Prosody. 1. a rhythmic pattern created by a succession of metrical feet each of which is composed of one accented syllable preceded by one or more unaccented ones.

  • Rising-sign

    noun, Astrology. (in a horoscope) 1. the sign of the zodiac on the eastern horizon at any given moment; ascendant.

  • Rising trot

    noun 1. a horse’s trot in which the rider rises from the saddle every second beat Compare sitting trot

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