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Risk based testing

Testing based on identification of potential risks (or “candidate risks”), which should be analysed by the project stakeholder or which might appear during the project’s development.


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  • Risk-benefit

    [risk-ben-uh-fit] /ˈrɪskˈbɛn ə fɪt/ adjective 1. involving studies, testing, etc., to establish whether the benefits, as of a course of medical treatment, outweigh the risks involved: to arrive at a risk-benefit ratio.

  • Risk-capital

    noun 1. venture capital. risk capital noun 1. (mainly Brit) capital invested in an issue of ordinary shares, esp of a speculative enterprise Also called venture capital risk capital (venture capital) Money invested in high-risk enterprises.

  • Risker

    noun 1. exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance: It’s not worth the risk. 2. Insurance. the hazard or chance of loss. the degree of probability of such loss. the amount that the insurance company may lose. a person or thing with reference to the hazard involved in insuring […]

  • Risk-factor

    noun 1. a condition, behavior, or other factor that increases risk: Smoking is a major risk factor for cancer; depression as a risk factor in suicide. noun 1. (med) a factor, such as a habit or an environmental condition, that predisposes an individual to develop a particular disease

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