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the technique or profession of assessing, minimizing, and preventing accidental loss to a business, as through the use of insurance, safety measures, etc.


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  • Risktaker

    noun 1. a person or corporation inclined to take risks: The management trainees were exhorted to become risktakers.

  • Risky

    adjective, riskier, riskiest. 1. attended with or involving risk; hazardous: a risky undertaking. adjective riskier, riskiest 1. involving danger; perilous

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    [ri-zawr-juh-men-toh, -sawr-; Italian ree-zawr-jee-men-taw] /rɪˌzɔr dʒəˈmɛn toʊ, -ˌsɔr-; Italian riˌzɔr dʒiˈmɛn tɔ/ noun, plural Risorgimentos Italian, Risorgimenti [ree-zawr-jee-men-tee] /riˌzɔr dʒiˈmɛn ti/ (Show IPA), for 2. 1. the period of or the movement for the liberation and unification of Italy 1750–1870. 2. (lowercase) any period or instance of rebirth or renewed activity; resurgence: The company’s risorgimento […]

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    risorius muscle ri·so·ri·us muscle (rĭ-sôr’ē-əs, -zôr’-) n. A muscle with origin from the masseter muscle, with insertion into the orbicular muscle of the mouth, with nerve supply from the facial nerve, and whose action draws out the angle of the mouth.

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