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noun, plural rissoles
[ri-sohlz, ris-ohlz; French ree-sawl] /rɪˈsoʊlz, ˈrɪs oʊlz; French riˈsɔl/ (Show IPA)
a small pastry, often in turnover form, filled with a mixture containing meat or fish and usually fried in deep fat.
(of foods) browned in deep fat.
a mixture of minced cooked meat coated in egg and breadcrumbs and fried Compare croquette


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  • Rist

    RIST radioimmunosorbent test

  • Ristra

    noun 1. a string of dried chilies, garlic, or other foodstuffs.

  • Risus caninus

    risus caninus ri·sus ca·ni·nus (rī’səs kā-nī’nəs) n. The semblance of a grin caused by facial spasm, as in tetanus. Also called canine spasm, cynic spasm, sardonic grin.

  • Risus sardonicus

    /ˈriːsəs sɑːˈdɒnɪkəs/ noun 1. (pathol) fixed contraction of the facial muscles resulting in a peculiar distorted grin, caused esp by tetanus Also called trismus cynicus (ˈtrɪzməs ˈsɪnɪkəs)

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