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River of gad

probably the Arno (2 Sam. 24:5).


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  • River of god

    (Ps. 65:9), as opposed to earthly streams, denoting that the divine resources are inexhaustible, or the sum of all fertilizing streams that water the earth (Gen. 2:10).

  • River-otter

    noun 1. a North American otter, Lutra canadensis, with brown and silver fur, native to streams and lakes in the U.S. and Canada.

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    noun, British. 1. Plata, Río de la. noun 1. Rí·o de la [ree-aw th e lah] /ˈri ɔ ðɛ lɑ/ (Show IPA) an estuary on the SE coast of South America between Argentina and Uruguay, formed by the Uruguay and Paraná rivers, about 185 miles (290 km) long. noun 1. Río de la Plata (ˈrio […]

  • River red gum

    noun 1. a large Australian red gum tree, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, growing along river banks

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