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Larry (Yitzroch Loiza Grossberg) 1923–2002, U.S. painter.
William Halse
[hawls] /hɔls/ (Show IPA), 1865–1922, English physiologist and anthropologist.
a natural stream of water of fairly large size flowing in a definite course or channel or series of diverging and converging channels.
a similar stream of something other than water:
a river of lava; a river of ice.
any abundant stream or copious flow; outpouring:
rivers of tears; rivers of words.
(initial capital letter) Astronomy. the constellation Eridanus.
Printing. a vertical channel of white space resulting from the alignment in several lines of spaces between words.
sell down the river, to betray; desert; mislead:
to sell one’s friends down the river.
up the river, Slang.

to prison:
to be sent up the river for a bank robbery.
in prison:
Thirty years up the river had made him a stranger to society.

a person who rives.
Contemporary Examples

Did the Virgin Mary Warn Rwanda’s Holiest Town of the Genocide? Nina Strochlic April 19, 2014
HBO’s Brilliant War Doc Rebecca Dana November 9, 2010
The Real Joan Rivers Nicole LaPorte January 25, 2010
How I Write Family Edition: Emma Straub & Peter Straub Noah Charney August 28, 2012
Melissa Rivers: Life After Joan—A Funny, Moving Celebration on a Special ‘Fashion Police’ Tim Teeman September 19, 2014

Historical Examples

The Book of Nature Myths Florence Holbrook
Four Young Explorers Oliver Optic
Brother Against Brother John Roy Musick
Four Young Explorers Oliver Optic
A Fantasy of Far Japan Baron Kencho Suyematsu

a state of S Nigeria, in the Niger river delta on the Gulf of Guinea. Capital: Port Harcourt. Pop: 5 185 400 (2006). Area: 11 077 sq km (4277 sq miles)

a large natural stream of fresh water flowing along a definite course, usually into the sea, being fed by tributary streams
(as modifier): river traffic, a river basin
(in combination): riverside, riverbed, related adjectives fluvial potamic

any abundant stream or flow: a river of blood
(informal) sell down the river, to deceive or betray
(poker, slang) the river, the fifth and final community card to be dealt in a round of Texas hold ’em
A wide, natural stream of fresh water that flows into an ocean or other large body of water and is usually fed by smaller streams, called tributaries, that enter it along its course. A river and its tributaries form a drainage basin, or watershed, that collects the runoff throughout the region and channels it along with erosional sediments toward the river. The sediments are typically deposited most heavily along the river’s lower course, forming floodplains along its banks and a delta at its mouth.


sell down the river
up the river


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