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Rivinus gland

Rivinus gland n.
See sublingual gland.


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  • Rivinus incisure

    Rivinus incisure n. See tympanic notch.

  • Rivulet

    noun 1. a small stream; streamlet; brook. noun 1. a small stream

  • Rivulus

    noun, plural rivulus. 1. any of several killifishes of the genus Rivulus, native to small streams of tropical America, often kept in aquariums.

  • Rix-dollar

    noun 1. any of various silver coins, as the Danish rigsdaler, the Dutch rijksdaalder, or the German reichsthaler, of about equal value. noun 1. any of various former Scandinavian or Dutch small silver coins Also called rijksdaaler, rigsdaler

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