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Rom Kernel Manual


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  • Rl

    abbreviation 1. Rugby League 2. Lebanon (international car registration) (MUD community) Real Life. “Firiss laughs in RL” means that Firiss’s player is laughing. Opposite: VR. [Jargon File] (1995-05-09) Kent Wittenburg . The RL files contain code for defining relational grammars and using them in a bottom-up parser to recognise and/or parse expressions in Relational Languages. […]

  • R.l.

    R.L. revised laws

  • Rlab

    A MATLAB-like matrix-oriented programming language/toolbox. RLaB focusses on creating a good experimental environment (or laboratory) in which to do matrix mathematics. Currently RLaB has numeric scalars and matrices (real and complex), and string scalars, and matrices. RLaB also contains a list variable type, which is a heterogeneous associative array. Version 0.95 includes an interpreter, libraries […]

  • R.L.D.

    1. retail liquor dealer.

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