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Richard Milhous Nixon


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  • Rm-odp

    programming The ISO Reference Model for Open Distributed Environments. (http://pepper.open.ac.uk/~armsarms/sa.html). (1995-11-23)

  • Rmon

    1. remote monitoring. 2. Remote Monitor. (2003-09-15)

  • Rmp

    RMP right mentoposterior (position)

  • Rms

    1. (often initial capital letter) root mean square. plural rms. 1. ream. 2. room. 1. Railway Mail Service. 2. British. Royal Mail Service. 3. British. Royal Mail Steamship. abbreviation 1. root mean square abbreviation 1. Royal Mail Service 2. Royal Mail Steamer 1. Record Management Services. 2. Richard Stallman. rms root mean square RMS 1. […]

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