Road pizza

road pizza

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  • Road pricing

    noun 1. the practice of charging motorists for using certain stretches of road, in order to reduce congestion

  • Road-rage

    noun 1. a fit of violent anger by the driver of an automobile, especially one directed toward and endangering other motorists or pedestrians. noun 1. aggressive behaviour by a motorist in response to the actions of another road user

  • Roadrailer

    Trademark. 1. a combination trailer truck and railroad car with two sets of retractable wheels, one steel, the other rubber, making possible bimodal transportation on rails and highways.

  • Roadroller

    noun 1. a motor vehicle with heavy rollers for compressing road surfaces during road-making

  • Roadrunner

    noun 1. either of two large terrestrial cuckoos of the genus Geococcyx of arid regions of the western U.S., Mexico, and Central America, especially G. californianus (greater roadrunner) noun 1. a terrestrial crested bird, Geococcyx californianus, of Central and S North America, having a streaked plumage and long tail: family Cuculidae (cuckoos) Also called chaparral […]

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