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Robert W(illiam) 1874–1958, Canadian writer, born in England.
Contemporary Examples

The Best of Brit Lit Peter Stothard April 21, 2010

Historical Examples

The Migration of Birds T. A. Coward

an act of help or assistance
an organized system of labour and material aids used to supply the needs of the public: telephone service, bus service
the supply, installation, or maintenance of goods carried out by a dealer
the state of availability for use by the public (esp in the phrases into or out of service)
a periodic overhaul made on a car, machine, etc
the act or manner of serving guests, customers, etc, in a shop, hotel, restaurant, etc
a department of public employment and its employees: civil service
employment in or performance of work for another: he has been in the service of our firm for ten years
the work of a public servant

one of the branches of the armed forces
(as modifier): service life

the state, position, or duties of a domestic servant (esp in the phrase in service)
the act or manner of serving food
a complete set of dishes, cups, etc, for use at table
public worship carried out according to certain prescribed forms: divine service
the prescribed form according to which a specific kind of religious ceremony is to be carried out: the burial service
a unified collection of musical settings of the canticles and other liturgical items prescribed by the Book of Common Prayer as used in the Church of England

the act, manner, or right of serving a ball
the game in which a particular player serves: he has lost his service Often shortened to serve

(in feudal law) the duty owed by a tenant to his lord
the serving of a writ, summons, etc, upon a person
(nautical) a length of tarred marline or small stuff used in serving
(of male animals) the act of mating
(modifier) of, relating to, or for the use of servants or employees
(modifier) serving the public rather than producing goods
verb (transitive)
to provide service or services
to make fit for use
to supply with assistance
to overhaul (a car, machine, etc)
(of a male animal) to mate with (a female)
(Brit) to meet interest and capital payments on (debt)
See service tree
Robert (William). 1874–1958, Canadian poet, born in England; noted for his ballad-like poems of gold-rush era Yukon, such as ‘The Shooting of Dan McGrew’; his books include Songs of a Sourdough (1907)

at someone’s service
break someone’s serve (service)
lip service
of service to someone
press into service


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