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a female given name: derived from Robert.


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  • Robert fulton

    noun 1. Robert, 1765–1815, U.S. engineer and inventor: builder of the first profitable steamboat. 2. a city in central New York. 3. a city in central Missouri. 4. a male given name. noun 1. Robert. 1765–1815, US engineer: designed the first successful steamboat (1807) and steam warship (1814) Fulton (fl’tən) American engineer and inventor who […]

  • Robert Guiscard

    [French raw-ber gee-skar] /French rɔ bɛr giˈskar/ noun 1. Guiscard, Robert. noun 1. Robert [French raw-ber] /French rɔˈbɛr/ (Show IPA), (Robert de Hauteville) c1015–85, Norman conqueror in Italy. noun 1. Robert (rɔbɛr). ?1015–85, Norman conqueror in S Italy

  • Robert hooke

    noun 1. Robert, 1635–1703, English philosopher, microscopist, and physicist. noun 1. Robert. 1635–1703, English physicist, chemist, and inventor. He formulated Hooke’s law (1678), built the first Gregorian telescope, and invented a balance spring for watches Hooke (hk) English physicist, inventor, and mathematician who contributed to many aspects of science. With Robert Boyle he demonstrated that […]

  • Robert I

    noun 1. (“Robert the Devil”) died 1035, duke of Normandy 1028–35 (father of William I of England). 2. Also called Robert the Bruce, Robert Bruce. 1274–1329, king of Scotland 1306–29. noun 1. known as Robert the Bruce. 1274–1329, king of Scotland (1306–29): he defeated the English army of Edward II at Bannockburn (1314) and gained […]

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