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Oscar Palmer (“The Big O”) born 1938, U.S. basketball player.
Pat (Marion Gordon) born 1930, U.S. evangelist.
William, 1721–93, Scottish historian.
Sir William Robert, 1860–1933, British field marshal.
Contemporary Examples

A&E Ducks for Cover by Forgiving Phil Robertson Michael Musto December 29, 2013
‘Under the Dome’ Is One Eerie TV Show Jace Lacob June 23, 2013
‘Mission Congo’ Alleges Pat Robertson Exploited Post-Genocide Rwandans For Diamonds Marlow Stern September 6, 2013
Who Gave $1 Million or More to Super PACs? A Daily Beast Roundup Josh Dzieza January 31, 2012
Zoe-ing, Zoe-ing, Gone! Choire Sicha September 15, 2009

Historical Examples

The English Stage Augustin Filon
St. Winifred’s Frederic W. Farrar
A Journey through the Kingdom of Oude, Volumes I & II William Sleeman
Salted With Fire George MacDonald
Skinner’s Dress Suit Henry Irving Dodge

George (Islay Macneill), Baron. born 1946, Scottish Labour politician; secretary-general of NATO (1999–2003)


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  • Big o, the

    big o, the

  • Big of one

    Generous of one, as in It was big of Bill to give his brother his entire paycheck. This expression may be used either straightforwardly (as above) or sarcastically, as in How big of you to save the absolute worst seat for me. [ c. 1940 ]

  • Big of someone

    big of someone

  • Big on

    Enthusiastic about, as in Dad is big on Christmas with the whole family. [ ; mid-1800s ]

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