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Mount, a mountain in SW Canada, in E British Columbia: highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, 12,972 feet (3954 meters).
Mount Robson, a mountain in SW Canada, in E British Columbia: the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Height: 3954 m (12 972 ft)
Sir Bobby, full name Robert William.1933–2009, English footballer and manager: played in 20 matches for England (1957–62) and managed the team (1982–90); managed Ipswich Town (1969–82) with whom he won the UEFA Cup in 1981; won trophies with clubs in the Netherlands, Portugal, and in Spain where he won the 1997 European Cup Winners’ Cup with Barcelona
Bryan. born 1957, English footballer and manager: played for Manchester United (1981–94) and was their longest-serving captain: scored 26 goals in 90 games (65 as captain) for England (1980–91)
Dame Flora. 1902–84, English stage and film actress


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