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at the lowest possible limit or level; extremely low:
rock-bottom prices.
the very lowest level:
He went bankrupt and touched rock bottom.

the lowest possible level
(as modifier): rock-bottom prices

rock bottom
The lowest possible level, absolute bottom, as in Wheat prices have reached rock bottom. This idiom alludes to the presence of bedrock that prevents digging farther down. [ Late 1800s ]


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  • Rock-bound

    adjective 1. hemmed in, enclosed, or covered by rocks; rocky: the rock-bound coast of Maine. adjective 1. hemmed in or encircled by rocks Also (poetic) rock-girt

  • Rock brake

    noun 1. any of various ferns of the genera Pellaea and Cryptogramma, which grow on rocky ground and have sori at the ends of the veins

  • Rock cake

    noun 1. a small cake containing dried fruit and spice, with a rough surface supposed to resemble a rock

  • Rock-candy

    noun 1. sugar in large, hard, cohering crystals. noun 1. (US & Canadian) a hard candy, typically a long brightly-coloured peppermint-flavoured stick, sold esp in holiday resorts Also called (in Britain and certain other countries) rock

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