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the sport of climbing sheer rocky surfaces on the sides of mountains, often with the aid of special equipment.
rock climbing
the technique and sport of climbing on steep rock faces, usually with ropes and other equipment and as part of a team or pair


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  • Rock-cod

    noun 1. rockfish (defs 1–3). noun (Austral) 1. (NZ) any of various marine fishes found in rocky habitats in Australian waters 2. another name for blue cod

  • Rock-cornish

    noun 1. a small hybrid chicken produced by mating Cornish and White Rock chickens and marketed especially as a roaster.

  • Rock-crab

    noun 1. any of several crabs that live along rocky beaches, especially those of the genus Cancer, as C. irroratus, of the eastern coast of North America, having the rear legs modified for running.

  • Rock-creek-butte

    noun 1. a mountain in NE Oregon: highest peak in the Blue Mountains. 9106 feet (2777 meters).

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