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rock blenny.
a prickleback, Xiphister mucosus, of the Pacific coast from southern California to Alaska.


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  • Rock-rabbit

    noun 1. rock hyrax. 2. pika. noun 1. (South African) another name for the hyrax

  • Rock-ribbed

    adjective 1. having ribs or ridges of rock: the rock-ribbed coast of Maine. 2. unyielding; confirmed and uncompromising: a rock-ribbed conservative.

  • Rockrose

    noun 1. any plant of the genus Cistus or some allied genus, as Helianthemum. 2. any related plant. noun 1. any of various cistaceous shrubs or herbaceous plants of the Eurasian genera Helianthemum, Tuberaria, and Cistus, cultivated for their yellow-white or reddish roselike flowers

  • Rockrose-family

    noun 1. the plant family Cistaceae, characterized by herbaceous plants and shrubs having simple, usually opposite leaves, solitary or clustered flowers, and capsular fruit, and including the frostweed, pinweed, and rockrose.

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