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John D(avison)
[dey-vuh-suh n] /ˈdeɪ və sən/ (Show IPA), 1839–1937, and his son John D(avison), Jr. 1874–1960, U.S. oil magnates and philanthropists.
Nelson A(ldrich) 1908–79, U.S. political leader: governor of New York 1959–73; vice president of the U.S. 1974–77 (son of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.).
John D(avison). 1839–1937, US industrialist and philanthropist
his son, John D(avison). 1874–1960, US capitalist and philanthropist
his son, Nelson (Aldrich). 1908–79, US politician; governor of New York State (1958–74); vice president (1974–76)


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