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propulsion of an object by thrust developed by a rocket.


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  • Rocketry

    noun 1. the science of rocket design, development, and flight. noun 1. the science and technology of the design, operation, maintenance, and launching of rockets

  • Rocket-salad

    noun 1. rocket2 (def 2). noun 1. any of various plants belonging to the genus Hesperis, of the mustard family, and related genera. Compare dame’s rocket. 2. Also called rocket salad, roquette. the arugula plant, used in salads. 3. a noxious weed, Barbarea vulgaris, of the U.S., having lobed leaves and clusters of small, yellow […]

  • Rocket-science

    noun 1. rocketry. 2. something requiring great intelligence, especially mathematical ability. rocket science noun 1. (informal) an activity requiring considerable intelligence and ability (esp in the phrase not exactly rocket science)

  • Rocket-scientist

    noun 1. a specialist in rocketry. 2. an exemplar of keen intelligence, especially mathematical ability. rocket scientist

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