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mountain oyster.


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  • Rocky-mountain-red-cedar

    noun 1. Rocky Mountain juniper. Rocky Mountain juniper noun 1. a juniper, Juniperus scopulorum, of western North America, that yields a soft, reddish wood used for making fences, pencils, etc., and that is also grown as an ornamental.

  • Rocky-mountains

    plural noun 1. the chief mountain system in North America, extending from central New Mexico to N Alaska. Highest peak, Mount McKinley, 20,300 feet (6187 meters). Rocky Mountains plural noun 1. the chief mountain system of W North America, extending from British Columbia to New Mexico: forms the Continental Divide. Highest peak: Mount Elbert, 4399 […]

  • Rocky-mountain-sheep

    noun 1. bighorn.

  • Rocky-mountain-spotted-fever

    noun, Pathology. 1. an infectious disease characterized by high fever, pains in joints, bones, and muscles, and a cutaneous eruption, caused by rickettsii and transmitted by ticks: first reported in the Rocky Mountain area, but now more widely distributed. Rocky Mountain spotted fever noun 1. an acute rickettsial disease characterized by high fever, chills, pain […]

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