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a male given name, form of Roger.


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  • Rod granule

    rod granule n. The nucleus of a retinal cell connecting with one of the rods.

  • Rodi

    noun 1. Italian name of Rhodes.

  • Rod laver

    noun 1. Rod(ney George) born 1938, Australian tennis player. noun 1. (Old Testament) a large basin of water used by the priests for ritual ablutions 2. the font or the water of baptism noun 1. any of several seaweeds of the genus Porphyra and related genera, with edible fronds: phylum Rhodophyta (red algae) noun 1. […]

  • Rodlike

    noun 1. a stick, wand, staff, or the like, of wood, metal, or other material. 2. a straight, slender shoot or stem of any woody plant, whether still growing or cut from the plant. 3. fishing rod. 4. (in plastering or mortaring) a straightedge moved along screeds to even the plaster between them. 5. a […]

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