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Role reversal


a circumstance wherein two people adopt the opposite role of their normal one or switch normal roles


Read Also:

  • Role-set

    noun, Sociology. 1. the set of roles associated with a single social stratum.

  • Role-strain

    noun, Sociology. 1. the stress or strain experienced by an individual when incompatible behavior, expectations, or obligations are associated with a single social role.

  • Rolf

    verb (used without object), Slang. 1. to vomit. verb (used with object) 1. to massage using the techniques of Rolfing. noun 1. Also called Rolf the Ganger [gang-er] /ˈgæŋ ər/ (Show IPA). Rollo (def 1). 2. a male given name: from Scandinavian words meaning “glory” and “wolf.”. noun 1. other names for Rollo rolf

  • Rolfe

    noun 1. John, 1585–1622, English colonist in Virginia (husband of Pocahontas). noun 1. Frederick William, also known as Baron Corvo. 1860–1913, British novelist. His best-known work is Hadrian the Seventh (1904)

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