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a pen having a small moving nylon, plastic, or metal ball as a writing point


Read Also:

  • Roller bandage

    roller bandage roll·er bandage (rō’lər) n. A strip of material, of variable width, rolled into a compact cylinder to facilitate application.

  • Roller-bearing

    noun, Machinery. 1. a bearing consisting of cylindrical or tapered rollers running between races in two concentric rings, one of which is mounted on a rotating or oscillating part, as a shaft. roller bearing noun 1. a bearing in which a shaft runs on a number of hardened-steel rollers held within a cage

  • Rollerblade

    Trademark. 1. a brand of in-line skates. verb (used without object), Rollerbladed, Rollerblading. 2. (often lowercase) to skate on in-line skates. noun 1. trademark a type of roller skate in which the wheels are set in a single straight line under the boot

  • Roller-blind shutter

    [roh-ler-blahynd] /ˈroʊ lərˌblaɪnd/ noun, Photography. 1. curtain shutter.

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