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noting or pertaining to the style of architecture prevailing in western or southern Europe from the 9th through the 12th centuries, characterized by heavy masonry construction with narrow openings, features such as the round arch, the groin vault, and the barrel vault, and the introduction or development of the vaulting rib, the vaulting shaft, and central and western towers for churches.
pertaining to or designating the styles of sculpture, painting, or ornamentation of the corresponding period.
(lowercase) of or relating to fanciful or extravagant literature, as romance or fable; fanciful.
the Romanesque style of art or architecture.
denoting, relating to, or having the style of architecture used in W and S Europe from the 9th to the 12th century, characterized by the rounded arch, the groin vault, massive-masonry wall construction, and a restrained use of mouldings See also Norman (sense 6)
denoting or relating to a corresponding style in painting, sculpture, etc
Romanesque [(roh-muh-nesk)]

A style of architecture and art common in Europe between the ninth and twelfth centuries. It combined elements of the architecture typical of the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. The arches on Romanesque buildings are usually semicircular rather than pointed as in Gothic architecture.


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