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derived from the Romans.
romance1 (def 12).
romance1 (def 8).
another word for Roman, Romance


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  • Romanicite

    noun 1. another name for psilomelane

  • Romanised

    verb (used with object), Romanized, Romanizing. 1. to make Roman Catholic. 2. (often lowercase) to make Roman in character. 3. (often lowercase) to render in the Latin alphabet, especially a language traditionally written in a different system, as Chinese or Japanese. verb (used without object), Romanized, Romanizing. 4. to conform to Roman Catholic doctrine and […]

  • Romanism

    noun, Disparaging. 1. Roman Catholicism. noun 1. Roman Catholicism, esp when regarded as excessively or superstitiously ritualistic

  • Romanite

    noun 1. a fossil resin similar to amber, used for jewelry.

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