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noun, Printing.
a typeface imitative of upright, somewhat angular, handwriting.


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  • Rondeau

    noun, plural rondeaux [ron-dohz, ron-dohz] /ˈrɒn doʊz, rɒnˈdoʊz/ (Show IPA) 1. Prosody. a short poem of fixed form, consisting of 13 or 10 lines on two rhymes and having the opening words or phrase used in two places as an unrhymed refrain. 2. a 13th-century monophonic song form consisting of two phrases, each repeated several […]

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    noun 1. Prosody. a short poem of fixed form, consisting usually of 14 lines on two rhymes, of which four are made up of the initial couplet repeated in the middle and at the end, with the second line of the couplet sometimes being omitted at the end. 2. Theater. roundel (def 4). noun 1. […]

  • Rondelet

    noun 1. a short poem of fixed form, consisting of five lines on two rhymes, and having the opening words or word used after the second and fifth lines as an unrhymed refrain. noun 1. a brief rondeau, having five or seven lines and a refrain taken from the first line

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    noun 1. a small disk of glass used as an ornament in a stained-glass window. 2. Jewelry. a flat bead, often of rock crystal or onyx, used in a necklace as a spacer between contrasting stones.

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