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adjective, rookier, rookiest.
full of or frequented by rooks.
adjective rookier, rookiest
(literary) abounding in rooks


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  • Room-and-pillar

    [room-uh n-pil-er, roo m-] /ˈrum ənˈpɪl ər, ˈrʊm-/ adjective, Mining. 1. noting a means of extracting coal or other minerals from underground deposits by first cutting out rooms, then robbing the pillars between them; pillar-and-breast.

  • Room-clerk

    noun 1. a clerk at a hotel who assigns rooms to guests, keeps the guest register, sorts the incoming mail, etc.

  • Room-divider

    noun 1. a partition, as a screen or freestanding bookcase, that separates one part of a room from another.

  • Roomer

    noun 1. a person who lives in a rented room; lodger.

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