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a portion of space within a building or other structure, separated by walls or partitions from other parts:
a dining room.
rooms, lodgings or quarters, as in a house or building.
the persons present in a room:
The whole room laughed.
space or extent of space occupied by or available for something:
The desk takes up too much room.
opportunity or scope for something:
room for improvement; room for doubt.
status or a station in life considered as a place:
He fought for room at the top.
Her brain had no room for trivia.
Mining. a working area cut between pillars.
verb (used without object)
to occupy a room or rooms; lodge.
space or extent, esp unoccupied or unobstructed space for a particular purpose: is there room to pass?
an area within a building enclosed by a floor, a ceiling, and walls or partitions: sitting room, dining room
(functioning as singular or pl) the people present in a room: the whole room was laughing
(foll by for) opportunity or scope: room for manoeuvre
(pl) a part of a house, hotel, etc, that is rented out as separate accommodation; lodgings: she got rooms in town
a euphemistic word for lavatory (sense 1)
(intransitive) (mainly US) to occupy or share a room or lodging: where does he room?
root 1


To cheer; applaud; urge on: We rooted and rooted, but our side folded
To eat food like an animal; pig out

[1888+; origin obscure]

In addition to the idiom beginning with


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