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noun, Informal.


Read Also:

  • Roomful

    noun, plural roomfuls. 1. an amount or number sufficient to fill a room. noun (pl) -fuls 1. a number or quantity sufficient to fill a room: a roomful of furniture

  • Ropeable

    adjective 1. ropable.

  • Rope-a-dope

    noun 1. a method of tiring out a boxing opponent by pretending to be trapped on the ropes while the opponent expends energy on punches that are blocked (as modifier): rope-a-dope strategy noun in boxing, the tactic of pretending to be on the ropes while the opponent gets tired out by throwing punches

  • Ropedancer

    noun 1. a person who walks across or performs acrobatics upon a rope stretched at some height above the floor or ground.

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