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noun, Chiefly Southern U.S.
herb doctor.


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  • Rootedness

    adjective 1. having roots. 2. firmly implanted (often used in combination): a deep-rooted belief. adjective 1. having roots 2. deeply felt: rooted objections 3. (Austral, slang) tired or defeated 4. (Austral, taboo, slang) get rooted!, an exclamation of contemptuous anger or annoyance, esp against another person

  • Rooted to the spot

    Not moving, especially owing to some strong emotion. For example, When the truck bore down on the dog, he was terrified and stood rooted to the spot. This idiom likens the roots of a plant to a strong feeling that keeps one from moving.

  • Rooter

    noun 1. a person, animal, or thing that roots, as with the snout. 2. South Midland and Southern U.S. a pig’s snout. 3. black buffalo. noun 1. a person who roots for, supports, or encourages a team or contestant. 2. a loyal and enthusiastic helper, follower, or supporter. rooter

  • Root-field

    noun, Mathematics. 1. splitting field. splitting field noun, Mathematics. 1. a field containing a given field in which every polynomial can be written as the product of linear factors.

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