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Horticulture. the process of grafting a shoot or stem of one plant onto a section of root of another.
a plant, commonly a young one, that is the result of root grafting.
the natural underground growing together or joining of the roots of nearby plants.


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    noun 1. an elongated tubular extension of an epidermal cell of a root, serving to absorb water and minerals from the soil. noun 1. any of the hollow hairlike outgrowths of the outer cells of a root, just behind the tip, that absorb water and salts from the soil root hair A hairlike outgrowth of […]

  • Roothold

    noun 1. attachment of a plant to soil by means of its roots; support of a plant through the growing and spreading of its roots.

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    noun, Indian English. 1. rooty2 . noun, Indian English. 1. bread. rooty

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