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Horticulture. a root and its associated growth buds, used as a stock in plant propagation.
Botany. a rhizome.
another name for rhizome
another name for stock (sense 7)
(biology) a basic structure from which offshoots have developed
(rt’stŏk’, rt’-)
See rhizome.


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  • Root-test

    noun, Mathematics. 1. the theorem that a given infinite series converges if the n th root of the absolute value of the n th term approaches a limit less than 1 as n increases without bound.

  • Root treatment

    noun 1. (dentistry) a procedure, used for treating an abscess at the tip of the root of a tooth, in which the pulp is removed and a filling (root filling) inserted in the root canal Also called root-canal therapy

  • Root version

    The initial value of an object in a change management system.

  • Rootworm

    noun 1. the larva of any of several insects, as the cucumber beetle, that feeds on the roots of plants. 2. any of several nematodes, especially of the genus Heterodera, that puncture and feed in the roots of plants.

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