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a city in W Oregon.


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  • Rosebush

    noun 1. a shrub that bears roses.

  • Rose-chafer

    noun 1. a tan scarabaeid beetle, Macrodactylus subspinosis, that feeds on the flowers and foliage of roses, grapes, peach trees, etc. noun 1. a British scarabaeid beetle, Cetonia aurata, that has a greenish-golden body with a metallic lustre and feeds on plants

  • Rose-cold

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  • Rose-colored

    [rohz-kuhl-erd] /ˈroʊzˌkʌl ərd/ adjective 1. of rose color; rosy. 2. bright; promising; cheerful: a rose-colored prospect of happiness. 3. optimistic; sanguine: a rose-colored belief that things will turn out well.

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