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a female given name.


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  • Ropable

    adjective 1. capable of being roped. 2. Australian Informal. angry. adjective 1. capable of being roped 2. (Austral & NZ, informal) angry wild or intractable: a ropable beast

  • Rosemaling

    noun 1. decorative work of Norwegian folk origin consisting of painted or carved floral designs, as on furniture or woodwork. noun 1. a type of painted or carved decoration in Scandinavian peasant style consisting of floral motifs

  • Rose-mallow

    noun 1. any of several plants of the genus Hibiscus, of the mallow family, having rose-colored flowers. noun 1. Also called (US and Canadian) marsh mallow. any of several malvaceous marsh plants of the genus Hibiscus, such as H. moscheutos, of E North America, having pink or white flowers and downy leaves 2. (US) another […]

  • Rose-mandarin

    noun 1. See under mandarin (def 5). noun 1. (in the Chinese Empire) a member of any of the nine ranks of public officials, each distinguished by a particular kind of button worn on the cap. 2. (initial capital letter) the standard Chinese language. 3. (initial capital letter) a northern Chinese dialect, especially as spoken […]

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