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a female given name, Italian form of Rose.


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  • Rosinante

    noun 1. the old, worn horse of Don Quixote. 2. (lowercase) an old, decrepit horse. noun 1. a worn-out emaciated old horse

  • Rosiner

    noun 1. (Austral, slang) a strong alcoholic drink

  • Rosiness

    adjective, rosier, rosiest. 1. pink or pinkish-red; roseate. 2. (of persons, the cheeks, lips, etc.) having a fresh, healthy redness. 3. bright or promising: a rosy future. 4. cheerful or optimistic: rosy anticipations. 5. made or consisting of roses: a rosy bower. adjective rosier, rosiest 1. of the colour rose or pink 2. having a […]

  • Rosin-oil

    noun 1. a viscous liquid, colorless to black, distilled from rosin and used in making adhesives, inks, insulation, lacquers, lubricants, plasticizers, and varnish. noun 1. a yellowish fluorescent oily liquid obtained from certain resins, used in the manufacture of carbon black, varnishes, and lacquers Also called ‘rosinol, retinol

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