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an engine, as a turbine, in which the impelling fluid produces torque directly rather than by acting upon reciprocating parts.
a revolving radial engine.
rotary engine
an internal-combustion engine having radial cylinders that rotate about a fixed crankshaft
an engine, such as a turbine or wankel engine, in which power is transmitted directly to rotating components


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  • Rotary-harrow

    noun 1. a harrow with a number of turning wheels rimmed with spikes, used for various soil treatments.

  • Rotary-hoe

    noun 1. a cultivating implement consisting of a row of wheels each with many fingerlike prongs, pulled over the ground to break up the soil and destroy weeds.

  • Rotary joint

    rotary joint ro·ta·ry joint (rō’tə-rē) or ro·ta·to·ry joint (rō’tə-tôr’ē) n. See trochoid joint.

  • Rotary plough

    noun 1. an implement with a series of blades mounted on a power-driven shaft, used to break up soil or weeds

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