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(transitive) to break up (the surface of the earth, or an area of ground) using a Rotavator


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  • Rotproof

    adjective 1. resistant to rotting.

  • Rotta

    noun, Music. 1. crowd2 . noun, Music. 1. rote2 . noun 1. a habitual or mechanical routine or procedure 2. by rote, by repetition; by heart (often in the phrase learn by rote) noun 1. an ancient violin-like musical instrument; crwth see: by heart (rote)

  • Rotte

    noun, Music. 1. rote2 .

  • Rotted

    verb (used without object), rotted, rotting. 1. to undergo decomposition; decay. 2. to deteriorate, disintegrate, fall, or become weak due to decay (often followed by away, from, off, etc.). 3. to languish, as in confinement. 4. to become morally corrupt or offensive. verb (used with object), rotted, rotting. 5. to cause to rot: Dampness rots […]

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